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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What do I need to access Click and Sing events?
A. Most events we run simply require you to have an internet connection and a device that can run our video conferencing software (we use Zoom video conferencing for most events but you can access this without downloading the software). In order to get the most out of our events, you will also need a webcam and microphone (most tablets, phones and personal computers have these built in nowadays). For our Virtual Choir events, you will also need headphones to listen to our rehearsal tracks.

Q. Why do you require pre-registration for events?
A. For our open events (Click and Sing), we want to ensure that we provide a safe and secure experience for all involved. As we run on pre-existing technology for video conferencing, we need to make sure that we provide secure access to those who are using our services. In addition, for other closed events, this enables us to send necessary information to only those who have registered.

Q. What do you do to make our events safe?
A. Pre-registration enables us to send out the necessary information to access our events securely and safely. Each event is also monitored by members of our team to make sure that conversations are respectful and fun.

Q. Why do you charge for some events and not for others?
A. We believe that singing should be accessible to anyone which is why our flagship Click and Sing events will always be free at point of access – although donations will always be gratefully accepted. Our professional team takes time to ensure that all events are at a high quality and the cost of certain events and services reflect the time, technology and skill set required here as well as the running costs of our group. For more information, please contact us.

Q. I’m a singer under 18 – can I participate?
A. We gladly welcome singers under 18 to participate in our activities – we do have a special code of conduct required where we are working with younger singers available on request which ensures that we meet safeguarding standards and good practice with what we do. For more information, please get a parent or guardian to contact us.

Q. I have a technical issue with the Zoom video conferencing software you use/how my computer or device works with contacting you.
A. For issues regarding technical support for Zoom, please contact their Support page directly. For specific issues relating to your device or computer, please contact your manufacturer. Click and Sing assumes no responsibility for technical issues you may encounter on your device or computer with regards to accessing our services.

Q. I’d like to collaborate with you/sponsor you/advertise with you/promote my music with you.
A. Please contact Alicia Pettit, our Administrator, to initiate a conversation with our Artistic Team and develop the right package for you.